Dear Customers:

As we adapt to the changing picture of the food service industry during this public health emergency, we as business owners face the ongoing dilemma of “Is X revenue worth Y risk to myself or my staff?”

We started with two bake days, producing only the products which were pre-ordered; this allowed us to operate with a very small staff and reduce person-to-person contact as much as possible. We cannot express how much we have appreciated the dedicated group of customers who were with us through these months. Your support kept the rent paid and a few folks with part-time hours.

As restrictions are lifted, we want to cautiously expand our business hours and operations in order to keep the business solvent as we enter the summer and whatever the “new normal” shapes up to be. We are working to reconcile the two different systems: to re-open the door and phones to same-day orders, but also offer online ordering.

Please be patient with us as we adjust to these new operations and train staff on new procedures and policy, and as we explore what works going forward. As you can tell based on statements and closings from other businesses in the community, now is a time to reflect on concepts, products and services; if it doesn't work or turn a profit, it has to go. We have to streamline to survive.

Our prepared foods program will have the most obvious changes at first; we are suspending the majority of breakfast service for the time being. We will still have our bagels, bilay, quiche and savory breakfast pastry available though! Likewise, our lunch menu has to get trimmed down for the time being—though rest assured some of the favorites will indeed return in the future.

We look forward to having the opportunity to explore new products and recipes, we hope that you will join us on this journey—and enjoy the new and different items we come up with!

- Helen Pfann and Jake Leslie